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По умолчанию Ketogenic Diet. What is It? Tip#72

If you're interested in going keto, you must cut down on carbohydrates to the curb. It's a high fat moderate protein, and a low-carb diet. The South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet (its Induction Phase, in particular) and modified Paleo and various other low-carb diets are the most common ketogenic diets. A ketogenic diet is applied to virtually all. You can be vegan or vegetarian and still achieving ketogenesis. You should eat foods with an abundance of natural fats and avoid foods with trans-fats. Avoid fruits with low glycemic values however, they are high in fiber. Also, consider other food items like avocados (also because of their fat) or berries. Also, make sure you eat plenty of yellow, green and red vegetables. See this Custom Keto Diet for more

These are the main elements of a ketogenic diet:
Meat (grass-fed and free-range are better) Pork, chicken eggs, beef, eggs. Vegans will require vegetable protein sources
Nuts and seeds
Cream, whole butter and hard cheeses are dairy high-fat products.
Leafy greens
Fish and other seafood
Coconut oil, olive oil Pure butter, vegetable oil high in omega 3

What to be aware of to
All food items that are made up of starch (even whole grain, organic bread)
The majority of fruits are rich in sugar (which is the reason they are so sought-after)
Foods with low-fat content
Vegetable oils rich in omega-6, but low in omega-3
This guide will show you which fats are suitable for you.

Some keto-friendly people add coffee and alcohol ( without sugar, cream, or milk) in moderate amounts to their diet. Some opt to steer away from it. Check these drinks out to determine the best one for your preferences.

Here's an example of a Keto dinner:

Bacon and ground beef roll (163 calories, 14.3g fat, 0 net carbs, 7.64g protein per serving)
Cauliflower that is loaded (199 cals, 17g of fat, 3 net carbohydrates 8g of protein per serving)
Bone broth is 72 calories 6g saturated fat 0.7 net carbs, and 3.6g of protein per cup
Say Goodbye to Carbs Let the Bacon in! Bacon
The people have relied on carbohydrates as the base of their diets for the majority of the history of humanity. Carbohydrates are a fantastic source and a preferred source of energy.

However, in today's modern world of industrial agriculture excessive caloric intake, and sedentary life styles, we are prone to depend on carbs in excess, and we overdo it. The body rapidly processes excess carbohydrates, but it stores them as fat in the event that they aren't used. The resultis a dramatic rise in obesity. The ketogenic diet can teach your body to utilize dietary fat as energy. It transforms fat into ketones and free fat acids (FFAs). This metabolic state of natural is often referred to as ketosis. When you reach ketosis, you need to reduce your intake of carbs in order to stimulate your body to create ketones to generate energy. To reach ketosis, you should reduce your carbohydrate intake by between 30-50 grams per day. Then your body will be forced to rely heavily on cholesterol in your diet to fuel its energy.

Your Body on Keto
Carbohydrates can be broken into glucose that serves as the primary source of energy. The excess glucose is transformed to glucose and stored in your muscles and liver to use later. The ketogenic diet alters this. If you go keto the body enters ketosis, a glycogen-deprived state from the low carb intake. Instead the fats are converted into generate energy, also called ketones. Contrary to glucose which offers quick energy bursts the energy of fat burns more slowly. The keto diet could aid in avoiding sugar crash when you eat high-carb foods. The ketogenic diet helps to reduce overeating since unsaturated fats are more satisfying. Studies have also shown ketones may be neuroprotective.

The Adjustment Phase in Adapting to Keto
Your body can't take on changes. These side effects, also such as keto flu be noticed within the first few days after beginning keto. The keto flu may cause fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. The body's response is for you to recognize that it's resisted the urge to cut back on carbs and start using fat as a fuel source. The levels of insulin will decrease when you're on a ketogenic diet. Fatty acids are released by the body's fat. When insulin levels decrease and your kidneys lose more water. This leads to an increase in trips the bathroom (and a rise in the amount of sodium and potassium). In the end, your blood pressure may drop. Dizziness, fatigue and sudden weakness are symptoms of low blood pressure. Dehydration can result in leg cramps.

This can help you reduce your symptoms. You can also consider bone and vegetable broth. A different negative side effect of ketosis is hypoglycemia and low blood sugar. You may feel tired, hungry, or shaky while your body adapts to the new diet. The ketogenic diet could result in a decrease in physical performance. This conclusion is based on an examination of studies that focus about ketogenic diets and physical performance.

The low levels of muscle glycogen produced by a ketogenic diet can hinder anaerobic (e.g, weight lifting or sprinting) performance, which could be a major deterrent for competitive athletics. If you are an athlete who relies on your performance to maintain your place (or your job if your job is professional) and you're a professional, then going keto in-season may not be the right choice for you.
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